Friday, 14 November 2014

OUGD503 Responsive Studio Brief 01 Individual Practice JuJu Showcase Flyer Leeds Arts Party Brief

After The seminar we had with Danny looking at how to address our responsive brief I thought I would go back and apply the SMART guidelines to the brief and write up a full brief myself so that at the end I can evaluate the success of my design.

Create an A5 flyer which explains what the arts party is all about and to stimulate support online and attendance to the conference its self. It is to be handed out at the JuJu showcase in the corn exchange at which we will have a stand. The target audience is mostly people that are already interested in the arts (they are already attending the showcase) across a wide range of age groups but all adult from student up. Therefore the flyer has to communicate what we do concisely because the cause is something that attendees will already be interested in.

The arts party have a possible arrangement with a commercial printers so when designing I have to consider digital print methods but create a hand made and crafted look because this fits with the arts focussed theme of the arts party. (could this be achieved through stock choices?) 

My motivations for doing this brief are three fold. Great exposure for my work in the arts circles, the brief is relaxed and allows creative freedom, it offers a chance to work with a commercial printers.

Time restrains are quite a problem in this brief. When I was first contacted the only outline was 'in the next few days' however, the showcase is not for another two weeks so I have implemented a time limit of a week to be print ready. This means actually hand making the flyer will be impossible so I will need to consider suggesting this look.

The email I received is shown below.

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