Thursday, 20 November 2014

OUGD503 Studio Brief 03 A Brief History Of... Code Academy Relevant Information

Coding is clearly a consideration when designing a website. Up until this point I have avoided too much thought about how I was going to code this website design because I was afraid that tis would stop me from designing the website as I would asexually like it. I already know a few details from the workshop on coding that we had and small things like the fact that I want full bleed images from other students in the class who have more experience with coding.

Despite my lack of knowledge about coding, I have really enjoyed designing for web because creating a connection between my illustration style and digital design has been challenging and really interesting. 

I have spent some time on code academy going through the basics just so that I can link some of the coding knowledge I have gathered with the design elements I have decided on.
The above image is the information I found on how to insert links into the coding for interior page links and links to outside websites. This would be usable throughout my website for swapping from walk to walk and also for the navigation to exterior website that are useful for the bus time tables and the restaurant websites.

The placements of the images that form the background of the entire websites might be placed in the code as is demonstrated above. However, this may not be how to achieve full bleed images.

The basics of HTML body code are here, we covered how the style sheet in CSS would effect the appearance of this information.

Javascript would make up the majority of the coding for the website. This is because it allows interactive coding for the website. Things like the rollover buttons with the expanding boxes of information connected to the icons on each walk would have t be coded in Javascript. I would need to figure out how to get these boxes to appear for only 4 seconds or so that the text boxes don't overlap and stop them from being readable.

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