Friday, 14 November 2014

OUGD503 Responsive Studio Brief 01 Individual Practice Leeds Arts Party JuJu Flyer

We had a brief meeting looking at the flyer design and discussing the changes that might need to be made. Over all it was a very positive response and I got some good outlines for improvement.
A problem I cited with the back cover was how the logo was justified to the left yet the type I had put in was centrally justified. Fran said it would be fine to centrally justify the logo and we decided on the typeface bp replay which she had spotted on my wordpress digital portfolio and really liked. This means that we have a few light and bold variations for creating hierarchies on future designs.

Everyone really seemed to like the messages of the first layout of Arts Arts Arts because of the overt message it send so I will return to that but with the new hand rendered type.

We also talked about the printers (awesome they have already had some post cards printed with them and the are able to create a spot shine effect. We talked about size and came to the conclusion that perhaps postcard prints would be better because of the thicker stock available (250gsm) and the spot shine options when we order over the phone. 

A previous poster design was illustrated by my friend Fran (another Fran) and we talked about getting fran to render little social media symbols rather than vectors to create more of a sense of a hand rendered house style. This could also feed into the program which we discussed at length considering this and the use of the red from the logo as the key colour.

I now simply have to put these changes into action and send off the design to be printed.

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