Friday, 21 March 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 03 Experimentation with type on Earlier Ideas

Before I go on to commit to the design I have developed so far and produce it in screen print, I want to go back and look at applying the type I created to some of my earlier ideas, to see if I am following the best idea to the end.
Because of the hight texture of the splash, I fully filled in the type to separate it from the background. I also gave it a gold isn colouring just to get an idea of the effect taking this design to screen print would create. I feel that the type is too delicate in form to sit against such a strong visual texture, the legibility is far too compromised.

Because of problems with the program I had rouble creating the drop shadow of the type in anything but black for the screen print positive. However, I still used the front part of the type to get an impression of the poster design shown above. Although I got a lot of positive feedback about this design I just feel it is too delicate for Sin City, it needs to be more punchy and rude. 

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