Thursday, 20 March 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 03 Type Screen Print

After creating the positive from my sketch on illustrator as shown below I used the screen print induction to experiment with the finish this process could provide for the hand rendered type I have created.
The design was split into two as is shown below so that the drop shadow and the front of the design can be the two different colours as is outlined by the brief.

When considering the colours I took into account the fact that for the image aspects that are to accompany the type, I have decided on white ink on black paper. So, I have chosen white for the drop shadow  (so that it is possible for the ink to drip from this part of the lettering) and gold for the front, this is to outline and increase the suggestion of the 'gangster' aesthetic mentioned earlier, aiding the suggestion of wealth and corruption.

The first lyre i printed was the gold and I had to add a bit more powder pigment to achieve a dense enough colour to sit upon the black.

However, printing this layer first proved a mistake because matching every aspect of the drop shadow to exactly the edge of the front so that they didn't over lap proved practically impossible.

So, I had to do another run with the drop shadow first and the gold layer to finish.

I am really pleased with the finished look and I am glad I got to get some practice in before I print the full poster. However, I want to re draw the 'city' part of the design because there are many mistakes with sizing and the angle of the base line that I am just not happy with.

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