Saturday, 8 March 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 2 The Resources we Collected

We mostly used the website that we have found most useful in the last year like identifont and thinking with type.
However, something we found when looking at some designers websites was the sketches and process behind creating type. We thought this would be really useful in guiding students in a new discipline. Through personal experience we know that sketching type first is so helpful in understanding the most delicate workings of each letter. 

We also found some typographic tips from Sean McCabe's website which were fun and beautiful and really inspiring.

Also a contact we made through twitter, Daisy Rascal, a leeds based graphic designer who actually has a website that has a small amour of resources for students that we might include on our blog.

We also made contact with two students, one in the second year of our own course, the other Pellisco from Columbia. To collect further resources from students we thought we would create some posters to put up on the notice boards around college. After talking to the guys in the student union I put these posters up on a couple of the boards in the places we agreed on. 
We got the posters printed in digital print on matt paper in the normal A3 proportions so as not to dominate the notice boards and get in other peoples way. 

However, because I printed from the original uploaded file on our joint google drive the file reverted to the un edited version which had spelling mistakes. So we did a second run on the normal printers in the mac suits and put them up instead because we couldn't get another slot in the print room. Possibly next week we could try doing some screen prints of the posters to improve on the continuity of production throughout our designs.

The main places were the graphic design notice board, vis comm notice board and the notice boards outside the library. We have also sent an avail to our course administrator to send to all the courses that study typography in all levels to ask for submissions, this will go out on monday the 10th of march.

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