Monday, 17 March 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 03 Interim Crit

The feed back for this brief's interim crit was pretty positive. Although I hadn't digitally put the aspects of some designs together people seemed to get where was going with the designs, i suppose that's the advantage to getting such an established aesthetic along with the film. However, I hope that I can do something slightly 'alternative as well (possibly something to ask at an informal crit later in the brief).

The questions I asked were:
-Is the key lighting/negative space white on black effective as a representative of the film?
-I am having trouble considering the second colour to involve in these designs but was considering yellow (bright sickly) possibly incorporated in the same print as a gradient, do you think the could work visually?
- I was thinking about doing some 1920s hand rendered type (almost heavy classic gangster) could this work with the feel of the poster or dominate too much?

These are some of the more useful bits of feedback I received:

-I love that you have picked up on the white lighting which is in the film. Although, the drips work well, will they be suitable for screen print? White and yellow would work well.
(Although I am certain that creating positives from these shapes will not be difficult I will experiment with this further.)

-yes, I think your ideas are really strong although I am unsure about the gradients, are they really necessary? But I think the yellow and white as block colours could work. I don't think it needs the type.

- The type might work but it could over complicate the designs a bit.

-Stick to the black and white. I think the drip idea, I might keep it as just the drip though, it's more interesting in my opinion

- Minimal black and white is effective and synonymous with the film. ink splatters work really well, create an interesting contrast. the fluorescent idea is effective too.

- 20's imagery for the type may not work well with the minimal look of the designs.

-Although I understand why you have chosen black and white, some key colour use could really work.

-All the images are really effective and smart looking, the use of white on black is a great idea and fits with the movie. I really like the bullet hole dripping into the city, this could look awesome and really suit the film. 

-The font could work, however it would be nice it to be in a colour.

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