Saturday, 8 March 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 02 Written Tone of Voice and Crediting

Although we had always been asking permission to use images on our blog and naming the person they belonged to this email from Ahoy brought it to my attention that we may not be following the exact guidelines for creative crediting. So I looked it up and we seem to be doing everything that is suggested; contacting the person to get permission, naming them in the post and providing a link to their website or the location the image was retrieved from. However, I wanted to ensure that we have a good relationship with all the students and professionals that we promote so I emailed back with a link to the precise posts that we used their work in and asked them if there was anything else they would like us to do when it comes to links and crediting like specific names of those involved rather than simply the studio name. we have not received a reply yet but If they do have any problems we will change the posts immediately. 

After this email from Ahoy I got thinking about the fact that possibly not that many young creatives are that passionate about typography, it can appear a bit of a closed book. Something that has kind of developed on its own is the playful tone of voice of the posts but this is something that I want to maintain throughout to create a welcoming and non threatening or preachy tone of voice so that beginners could use it as a resource and be comfortable to do so. A prime example of this tone of voice is our Ahoy post.

This is something I want to implement across all posts.

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