Tuesday, 4 March 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 02 Business Card Design

For the final crit presentation and to possibility of talking to professionals or prospective students that we would promote.

We felt that because we had designed the logo to fit into the squares of twitter and Facebook profiles we found that it only worked in a portrait format, yet the information on the back just didn't look right in portrait. 

A problem that I was uncertain of was the way the font was displaying in Indesign, as can be seen below. The letters appeared to be on slightly different base lines. However, we did a small thumbnail print to see if this was all the way through to print or just a low display quality. 

We wanted to screen print them so that we could have white on black and black on white, without the expense of digital print. The main problem this brought up was aligning the front and back. To do this I used the smart guides on indesign to layout the from designs on an A3 document and then created a grid around these on a separate layer. Then, on another layer placed the back design in exactly the same place as those on the front.

Before we exposed the screens or printed the positives I emailed the technician of the print room to ensure that we could print 8pt text with a screen.

To start out with the prints seemed fairly successful, even if we had to re-mix the white ink with a higher proportion of screen print medium to get the fine print to work.

We found that because the white paper could be held up to the light, we could approximately gauge how close the two grids were to one another and move the next print accordingly. But with the black paper we couldn't do this, it was just guess work. As a result we have many more successful white business cards than we do black. We will however be doing another run of these and we will find a way to make the black business cards work.

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