Monday, 3 March 2014

UGD406 Studio Brief 02 Final Logo Development

After our interview with Jon banks from craft design and direction we found the ampersand from the font F37 Bella which is shown below. I captured the exact transition from heavy to light line weight that we were looking for when we were going to create our own ampersand.
We tried one last time with the Type and I title but the balance was so off we couldn't find a way to make it work. To be honest I prefer the title type and eye, because of the double meaning it initiates when spoken. It both means looking at type and the relationship between designers and type.

Previous experimentation proved that it was difficult to mesh sans serif fonts at a large scale with a heavily ornamented ampersand; it just looked too busy. However, the huge change in line weight got me thinking about Baskeville and Bodoni as font options and we found that Bodoni really worked, where as Beskerville just felt complex. The vertical arrangement had to be done so that it could be viewed in the small square available for profile images on twitter and Facebook. 

We did a test rum with this logo in the website layout we chose for the Wordpress and we all felt it worked really well, the cleans aesthetic will not inter fear or dominate the content in any way.

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