Saturday, 1 March 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 02 Responses from Professionals

We have just received another reply to our request (Craft design), and with full answers this time that will be perfect for our 'interviews with professionals section!


That's a great idea to promote the course and yourself. Good luck
Of course you can use images from my website and send through a link to whatever you are creating.

My answers are below in green.
Look forward to seeing the campaign.

Jon Banks
Creative Director

Craft Design & Direction

On 27 Feb 2014, at 20:34, Beth Taylor <> wrote:
Hello there!
We are a group of Graphic Design students at Leeds College of Art and we are trying to create a viral campaign exposing the amazing typography going on in Leeds. We love the typographic work You are doing at the moment and want to shout about it. Would you be happy about us using some of the images from your website to do so? we will of course include a link to your website.

We would also love it if you could answer just a few questions about your typographic practice:

1.When approaching a brief how much time do you spend considering the typographic aspect of the designs? For me the type is the most important element, so about the same time as the idea. If the type is bad people will pick up on this and it will distract you from seeing the idea.
2.Have you attempted designing a font? and what are the difficulties you have encountered in doing so? Yes, I've designed a few. The main issues are the more complex letters like the S. &. G. Also you must always remember to do all the punctuation.
3.Where do you draw your inspiration from when designing type? Everywhere really, I look at type on anything. I find that fashion publications tend to push the boundaries with unusual, interesting typography.
4.Could you suggest a designer in this area that has inspired you? Richard Bassett, Thompson Brand Partners
5.What is you favourite font at the moment? F37 Bella

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