Saturday, 1 March 2014

OUGD406 Studio brief 02 Type and I Time management and Development of Design

Today we got together in the studio just to touch base after the crit yesterday and apart from making discussions as to the website location and hosted, we also talked about the jobs each of us would do during the week and spent some time of the logo designs.
After the research done into existing typographic blogs we felt we wanted to outline exactly what we wanted to provide to our readers.

We thought of some names for the different sections of the website:

-Student Exposure- Type & Students
-Interviews with professionals- Type & Pro's
-Studio work- Type & Industry

The whole website will be united by the theme 'Type &'

I have also put a draft of the email we sent to a number of studios so that we can send further ones from our proper website.

We decided that each of us would go away and collect one piece of content for each of these sections, make contact with a few more designers and design studios using the join email we have created and continue to work on the logo we started together. Below is just a snapshot of the many lists i create when organising my day.

We wanted to logo to be clean and crisp so that it would not over power the content of the website. So we started to play around with creating our own ampersand seeing as this would be the centre of the identity. However, we soon found that there are so many ampersands, doing this was really necessary. 

When putting together the logo we had a few problems with the balance of a four letter word one side of the ampersand and a one letter word the other, so we started to play with the words Type and eye and these are some of the ideas we came up with, none are the finished thing, merely experimentation.

 Although we had found that the serif fonts had the most flourishing ampersands I wanted to see if reversing the balance with a serif font for the letters and a sans serif for the ampersand, I like this but as a group we decided that we wanted the ampersand to be the focus, which this design does not achieve. This is because of the detail fond in the text and not the ampersand.

 Trying with lower case seemed to have very little effect on this balance of detail.

 Both font serif made the whole thing far to busy.
These are some of my favourites, not only because the balance of texture in the two fonts is much better but because it is orientated in such a manor that would allow it to fit into twitter thumbnails and Facebook profile pictures.

 With both fonts sans serif the whole thing lacks focus.

 Gowever, we did feel that although the type and eye looked good it didn't say exactly what we wanted it to, so we will go on to see if we can find a way to make the original name work.
 I quite like this approach but find that perhaps it is slightly hard to understand. We will all work on these designs and touch base on monday.
A thought that has just occurred to me is that because we are exposing students work we will also be exposing work that has no copy-write and is therefore vulnerable to creative plagiarism or whatever the correct term is. We will have to talk to Simon and possibly Jon about this so that we can protect the work that we praise. 

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