Monday, 3 March 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 03 Brief

I got the film Sin City. While I am happy I got a film I like I will need to make an effort to err away from the strong aesthetic established by the films following already. The main thin thing I need to bare in mind is the fact this this is an 'alternative' Movie poster, this changes the purpose of the poster completely. It still needs to function as a poster in that it is appealing and makes people want to watch the film but it also needs to appeal to those who have already seen in it. For Sin City this will be difficult because it already has such a die hard film bas, that stick rigidly to the aesthetic of the film. I think the way to strike a balance is to try and create a design that is ambitious enough that someone who hadn't seen the film would want to out of curiosity and because the poster is appealing but apse have enough 'inside jokes' that means someone who has seen the film can recognise the little quirks and references. In a sense the alternative poster, is poster for fans by fans.

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