Friday, 8 May 2015

OUGD505 Studio Brief 01 Product Range and Distribution Contextual Design

Because I am considering the idea of heavily contextualizing my designs (specifically the posters) I thought I would just record some of my favorite contextual designs and how they work.
This add for a job searching website appears to work perfectly in this image. However, this is because the camera is just at the right angle. This add could not really be effectively recreated anywhere else because the likely angle of perspective changes from place to place and so the angle of the photograph would be less effective.

The attention to material rather than precise placement means that this ass could be recreated in numerous locations. This is what I want to try and achieve  with my fly posters. It seems an attention to textures is what is required and I have already set up for this in the initial design of my campaign.

Although textures and surfaces are a great way to contextualize a design (to make it personal and just that little bit more interesting) it is important to consider the angle of perspective and how scale can play a role in how interactive a print can be. It needs to be at a decent hight for everyone to reach and be visible from a good distance around. A lot of this is down to specific placement but should also be considered when designing for heavily contextualized campaigns. I will need to choose textures that are fairly common so that it is feasible that the campaign could travel. The next stage is to decide on textures and the impressions I want to contrast with them by means of typography.

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