Friday, 8 May 2015

OUGD505 Studio Brief 01 Product Range and Distribution Type and Texture Decisions

I spent some time thinking about the type and texture parings that might work for the posters and leaflets. I needed something that would surprise and contrast so that it was clearly saying that feminism is more than the stereotypes. 

I simply started listing the textures that I could think of in an urban context and the effects or impressions I wanted the typography to create. 

I had the thought of glass on buss stop and how the image behind the bus stop could be on the poster behind the perforations. However, this would again be hard to reproduce effectively more than once. Then I thought that it could perhaps be the texture of smashed glass. As you can see the difficulty with all of these is the ability to take or get image that are big enough to use on large scale posters.

So instead of having a definitive list I made up a preference list so that I can try and get as many as possible of my 4 favorites, but if not I can defer to the short list.

I also looked at the fonts that might represent the ideas of: strong, elegant, classy, soft and sharp. However, in order to create a good contrast of texture and font I need to know what textures I can get first and then shape the font decisions around this. I will take a camera out tomorrow and see what textures might work.

However, I have started to think about possibilities when it comes to type. Like Lemon/milk for Strong or F37 Bella for elegant.

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