Tuesday, 12 May 2015

OUGD505 Studio Brief 01 Product, Range and Distribution Perforation Experimentation

Uncertainty in the perforation layer of these posters lead to a small mock up of one of the posters to see if what was planned would work. The gif is fairly rudimental but it communicated the general process. i found that a frame of un-perforated paper was required arounf the edge of the poster so that when pieces came away the rest of the design would not simply flop away from the poster, this is something I will implement for the proper print run.

Because some of the designs have curves some experimentation with the perforator and these patterns also seemed necessary.
It worked out pretty well but clearly depended on the constant pressure needed to be applied when creating the perforations. This would not be an issue with die cut commercial production. I will simply have to produce the perforations as best I can.

With some of the more angular shapes, small tears tended to appear in the edges of some of the sections. 

I got around this by cutting away the corners of each section with a scalpel so that they were completely loose.

This seemed to work perfectly well and would be more than possible on a custom die.

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