Wednesday, 13 May 2015

OUGD505 Studio Brief 01 Product, Range and Distribution Print

When it came to digitally printing the posters, some parts were more straight forward than others. 

The images were prineted on simple matt paper. this was because I looks at some of the glossy/ satin and more textured papers but they seemed too flashy and pretentious, where as matt had a no nonsense feel to it which mirrors the tone of voice I wish to achieve.

It was a simple matter of spray mount and some foam board to create a back bone to the posters that would have enough tensile strength to allow the perforated layer to be pulled off it.

The perforated layer cause a lot more problems. Although we tried to print on the tracing paper I had bought and conducted my perforation experiments on, the printer would not do it more than once and i also found out that they could not print on both sides of the tracing paper. This would be doable commercially but for the purpose of mock ups, I flipped the designs and printed then very low opacity on the trace paper that they have in the digital print resource. 

This had a higher GSM than the paper I had worked with until this point so I am taking a chance that the perforations work. However, the stock does feel of a lot higher quality.

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