Friday, 22 May 2015

OUGD505 Module Evaluation

This has been a fascinating module that has really pushed me to work in a different way and go beyond my comfort zone. Normally the amount of illustration I produce in a project is directly proportional to how happy I was during and after the outcome of a module. However, this module seems to be the exception to the rule. All of my design work has been much cleaner and much more simple. I think this is because what I was designing for happened to require this approach , and I remembered my feedback from tutors in previous modules, that told me to work smart and not just hard, to find what is really required by a brief and not just charge in and work ferociously hard. I still really enjoyed this module despite the lack of hands on processes. The deeper theoretical research that was facilitated was something I particularly enjoyed. The preparation research for the second brief was really enjoyable because it was so challenging and evasive as a subject matter (much like my COP). One thing that I wish I had a chance to do more of was research with this module, I would have like the time to really read the whole of the society of the Spectacle and really understand it in greater depth. This is something I might go on and do anyway, but I would have been nice to do it for the brief. I also got very involved in the research for the first brief of this module. Because we were encouraged to choose something that we wanted to learn more about, my research took on a very personal exploratory nature which was very useful for me and wonderfully enlightening. However, one of my concerns is that because of this the research lacks a sense of chronology and depth, because it was simply me defining my own feminism. All of the research fed directly into my design work for the brief, so it came in handy but I think I should have spent more time in the deeper theoretical texts. However, this is something I intend to do in my own time. 

Both briefs in this module made me actively think in a different way when it comes to semiotics and the refined, communicated message. Be it refining a confusing and complicated theory to balancing representations of the controversial issue of feminism. I did encounter technical problems in both briefs. From the half tone dot printing in brief 2 to the  printing double sided on tracing paper. However, these may be silly and small mistakes but I think they are things to learn from in the future. I should always talk to the technicians before designing for any particular process. That is the major thing to take away. 

Overall however, I feel that this has been both a challenging and rewarding module. I can't say I have loved every minuet (there are low points in every brief) but I enjoyed a lot of it and feel that I have learnt as much as I could from it, which is quite a lot.

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