Thursday, 27 February 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 02 Clarifying The Sauce Idea

Because there were a lot of ideas flying around in our last session surrounding the Sauce idea we decided to sit down again and exactly pin down the content of 'The Sauce'. Previously we had mentioned the fact that it would be a selection of news stories augmented by ridiculousness. We had said we would do this by creating a randomiser and putting a number of random words on pieces of paper and picking them out of a hat and adding them to a story. So we had an attempt at this with the recent riots in Kiev story.
However, we found that although is was funny to create these stories they just didn't have that w witty edge we were going for. So we tried another approach. Ridiculous stories that are reported by other newspapers reported with heavy satirical edge, as if to say "this is news...really?" This seems to work much better in practice. We will create a mood board for the presentation to help outline the exact way we will create the tone of voice we wish to achieve.
We also decided on the different section of the website. they will be:
-Hot Sauce (celebrity gossip)
-Fresh Sauce (latest international news)
-D.I.Y Sauce (peoples' submitted stories from their local areas)

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