Tuesday, 25 February 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 02 Clarifying Direction

We started out this session talking about the direction we talked about in the last session; Dyslexia. We felt like it provided a good message but would be very difficult to strike the right tone of voice, not to be patronising and not to be insulting. So we went back to some privies ideas we had and started to analyse and develop them. One of these was the idea to create widely exaggerated news reports in an attempt to get people to take notice of what they are reading and not always believe everything. There are similar websites such as buzz feed and onion, which we will need to look into in order to create something with a unique selling point. 
However, at this point in time we considered the idea of augmenting real news reports rather than simply making up something entertaining. We also considered the idea of contacting an existing news paper and reporting on the same things as them but with random added extras that are weird and wonderful. We could put links to the actual report endorsing them and providing them with a new audience. In return they would suggest us and promote what we are doing on line. 
When considering who would be the best target audience for this further research is required but again at this stage we feel a young adult audience would be right. This is because we want to create a slightly strange mix of weird and wonderful content with a strong assertive written style, which would need a relatively well educated and mature audience to fully appreciate the comic style, yet also a slight silliness will be involved in the oddness. 
To create this specific tone of voice, we want to look into both serious news articles and how they are constructed and exciting omit work which has the randomness of content we are looking for.
We also considered the idea of creating a randomiser full of words which could stimulate the augmentation of stories in an amusingly unpredictable way.
When it comes to names for this venture we really liked the name 'The sauce'. This is a reference to trashy magazines that are constantly say 'a source says that...' but not backing up or substantiating any claims, clearly false information. However, the change in spelling has a quirky edge to it suggesting the hint of the ridiculous and the idea that we are adding something to the simple story base. 
We will each go away and research similar ventures and ways that we might construct this particular tone of voice, not only through the written content but the designs as well.

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