Sunday, 9 February 2014

OUGD404 Design Principles Brief 02 Choosing Subject Seminar

Studio brief 02:
10 double age layouts that cover 10 things that you need to know about graphic design. Looking into type, grid, layout and format. These ten include contents page and introduction, the rest will be information answering the 10 questions you have come up with. Thumbnails, test pieces and trial layouts have to be documented.

We were asked previously to come up with five questions each on the topics of legibility of type, readability of type and colour theory. We were then split into groups and asked to decide on ten questions that summaries what we most wanted to know.

1- How does point size effect legibility?
2- What are the principles and fundamental purposes behind italics?
3- How does the anatomy of type effect legibility and define classifications of type?
4- In what order did different fonts develop and from which cultures?
5- What is the basic structure of type anatomy and why does it apply?
6- What are the main arguments for the readability of sans serif/serif?
7- When considering a colour scheme, which is more important aesthetic or concept?
8- What are the basic structures of spectral colour theory and how does the apply to print and screen design formats?
9- How to create a colour scheme for layout and why they work?
10- In comercial printing where do pigments for each ink come from and how do we ensure they are the same?

We then split up these questions so that each of us would research two. the questions I got were 7 and 9. i will break them down as follows:

7- When considering a colour scheme which is more important, aesthetic or concept?

- Examples of design driven by both concept and aesthetic with analysis.
- Arguments and opinions of designers on the subject.
- The emotional connotations of colours and why the choosing of colours might be concept driven.
- Why does the contrast of temperature apply?
- concluding paragraph with opinion outlined.

9- How to create a colour scheme for layout and why do they work.

- Strongly linked with the connotations of colours previously mentioned.
- Examples of layouts utilising colour.
- Quotes and guides from books
- Quotes from designers.

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