Sunday, 23 February 2014

OUGD404 Design Principles Layout Content.

Below details of the ten topics I will be covering when I produce my layout designs for this brief. With them I have put links to sources such as other blog posts detailing mine or others research which has been done for this brief.

1. Serif or Sans Serif (the battle of legibility and superiority) 
-Becca's blog link impending
-Eva's blog
2. Anatomy of type
- Becca's Blog link impending
-eva's blog 
4. Colour Schemes
- My blog (second part of post 9. onwards)
5. Colour schemes and how they apply to print.
-Melissa's blog 
6. Colour associations and psychology
-My blog (first half of post)
7. Chronologies of type
-Olivia's blog (awaiting link)
8.Web Layout Design
-My blog
9. Grids and how they work
-Thinking with type resource
-My creating Grids from layouts exercise
10. Colour Gamuts
-my blog

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