Saturday, 1 February 2014

OUGD404 Design Principles Typeface Development

I have developed on the previous set of designs by expanding on the ideas surrounding each font in the type face. I have played with the idea of adding terminals as well and increasing the line weight for bold. I like these but I felt they were just too over the top and difficult to apply well throughout.

So, I returned to a more blocky sod type aesthetic and I am much more pleased with this .

It applies well on the lower case as well.

I reduced my earlier designs for the light font down to the minimum amount of lines needed, yet increased the amount on the lower case so that they might be more legible in body copy.

I had quite a lot of problems with the italic font and started out with a 70 degree angle but found it just mutilated the letters. I then reduced it to 4 degrees so the slightest tilt was achieved and added rounded corners on ascenders and sculpted terminals.

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