Thursday, 13 February 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 01 Illustrative Design Development

As well as the origami face design I went on to develop some of the other concepts. The newton's cradle concept attracted a lot of attention in the interim crit so I wanted to develop it a little further. I started to experiment with illustration styles and how they might be applied to the idea. Although originally I wanted to photograph a newton's cradle and photoshop it into melting in some way, as I had sketched it for the interim crit. However, this was not possible because I could not get hold of a newtons cradle in time to take my own photos, which would be the ono way to get a high enough quality image.
I tried out creating the origami aesthetic that I had played with in the vector graphics earlier in the project. I did this by adding angular lines which were dictated by the shapes of the cradle. 

I then did the same on the interior and decided the different light sources for the exterior and interior of the illustration. This was an attempt to separate the background and the cradle so that it can be more easily identified. To increase this I used pencil on the outside lines and pen cross hatching on the interior lines. I like the way this create a refracted and abstract aesthetic that fits well with the darkly appealing look I want to achieve and the Massive Attack identity. I think I may submit this design or something like it at least as well as the fully developed origami face design.

In my original ideas generation stage I came up with a few ideas surrounding the 'seven magpies for a secret never to be told' superstition. In order to do this I wanted an illustrated aesthetic to help capture the slightly surreal essence of the song which would not work with the realism and sharpness of a photograph or a vector graphic. I experimented with ink illustrations as can be seen below. It was very hard to control where the ink went when blown and produced an unsatisfactory mess. Although I like the concept, I really don't feel like this experiment has produced anything productive. At least it has allowed me to come to some kind of conclusion with this concept. It just seems less promising than the other ideas I have pursued.

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