Tuesday, 11 February 2014

OUGD404 Design Principles Brief 02 Session

We were asked to get into our groups and present the research we had done science the last session. Once we had done this we narrowed down the question to 5 definite ones and then separately chose another 5 topics which we personally wanted to find out about. My list is as follows:
- Serif and Sans serif the battle
- Anatomy of type and how it effects legibility and readability.
- Italics rules of creation.
-Colour schemes and how to create them.
- Colour modes and how they apply to print.
- Colour associations and colour psychology.
-  Chronologies of type.
- Web layout design and web safe colour.
- Grids and how they work.
- Colour gamuts.

I will go on to research the second five later in the week ready for next session.

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