Friday, 28 February 2014

OUGD406 Studio Brief 02 Presentation and Feedback

Above is the presentation we used to pitch our three ideas,

The feedback from this crit was really useful and definitely needed because we had to make a definite decision about which idea to pursue. 
the main feed suggestions were to simplify down what we aimed to do in a week and be precise about our goals. Beyond this the overwhelming vote was in the direction of the Tongue Twister Tweets. however, we noticed that Simon, our tutor, voted for the Type and I blog which made the decision between the two difficult to make. 

So, we asked if we could talk to him for a moment about why he thought we should pursue this idea. He said that the personal advantages of doing something like Type and I, and the contacts we could form would be invaluable to each of us...which pretty much made the decision for us.

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