Friday, 21 February 2014

OUGD404 Design Principles Type Journal Angular Ampersand

This angular ampersand caught my eye because of the way the shape is much less abstract than some ampersands in roman and script font. In an effort to create simplicity the glyph has been taken back to its roots. Originally and was another letter of the alphabet in its own right known as 'et per se and', translated as and per se and. This is clearly the derivation of the name ampersand but the shape its self is an abstract version of the letters et. The figure eight shaped ampersands that have become common place are in fact very abstract. This ampersand although still recognisable as an ampersand to the modern eye is a clear combination of the aperture of an e and the stem and cross bar of a t. This fits with the simplistic functionality of the rest of the font and allows it to maintain a strong presence on the page next to the highly legible letterforms, aided by the decisive way it touches both the baseline and cap hight with solid heavy strokes

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