Friday, 21 February 2014

OUGD404 Design Principles Type Journal Heavy Wood Type

This takes the aesthetic of wood block type to the absolute extreme. Each aspect of each letter is formed to of a rectangle wherever possible and curves are a last resort. It seems like this font either hasn't been thought through or it is looking to be uneven. This is because there seems to be no overhang on the letters like G, so the heavy flat bottomed letters on either side appear a lot larger. Also the complete disregard for apertures rather compromises the legibility of the font because you find the eye reading the lines cutting through the letters rather than the letters themselves. The sleigh drop shadow or highlight confuses things slightly because this seems like something most likely achieve via screen print, suggesting that although the font may have been created with wood type in mind it is either digital or created like a collage from sections of paper.

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