Thursday, 26 February 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Brief 02 WWF Solidifying the Idea

After our last idea generating meeting we got together again and looked at the wall of pot its we had collected and started to pick out the most important points.

The criteria for what needed to be made soon shaped an idea. A game accessed through and app. This would be based around eco systems that you would unlock as you progress through the game. The game starts from the idea that we discover another earth right next to our own and the gamer has to nurture it in each of its eco systems unlocking animals in the food chain. The more endangered the animal the more difficult it is to get. There would be tasks in the game that would get you panda currency and the added extra of getting tips on living more sustainably day to day. Doing these and taking a slefie would unlock extra pandas in the game. In this way a fun game educates people about the problem and its difficulties and gets them to live more sustainably in their day to day lives.

Outlining the areas of the campaign was the work of a moment.

We then separated out further research areas for the next brief to meet back together next week. My research areas are the desert, temperate grassland and deciduous forest.

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