Wednesday, 11 February 2015

OUGD503 Studio Brief 02 Collaborative Practice Meeting 2

Today we had a meeting of our Responsive brief 02. we talked about the research each of us got and we had some good groundwork for further development Fran showed us the video below and we talked about the research that each of us would go on to do before the next meeting.

We felt that this video could have been so good but missed the tone of voice that we wanted to achieve and could have been so much more visually powerful.

We also looked at this video for the rainforest alliance which has exactly the tone of voice we want to achieve.

As was clear from the discussion of the existing WWF campaigns this positive, playful tone of voice is hard to come by. Also the message that people can make a change in their day to day life is great. It gives impetus to the idea of helping the planet and makes it completely relevant to the audience. When talking about this as a group the idea of ingraining this into a community and making it feel like a group activity in which more people are likely to participate. We have scheduled the next meeting for the beginning of the interview week and my task for that meeting is to look into environmental initiatives in leeds around the city centre. This is to see if we can shape our ideas around great projects that people can get involved in.

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