Wednesday, 4 February 2015

OUGD505 Studio Brief 02 Product, Range and Distribution Further Research

After the Crit session in which I outlined two main ideas (feminism and 'the little things') continuing the research into more specific areas of feminism seemed like the most productive and interesting route.

FGM is an issue that is coming gradually more into the public consciousness in recent times. This talk helps explain the problem and to a certain extent how an overly PC approach has meant that responses to this issue have been slow to gain momentum. As Khadija says here we cannot treat this issue as alright because it is part of some sacred culture. Child abuse is child abuse. This idea of a woman's right to culture is one that permeates women's liberation throughout history.

This was fascinatingly focused on the concept of mens role within gender issues. The idea was put that the word gender is something that men associate with women and 'women's issues'. This is new to me but.....Something else that seems worthy of further research was the term femenazi, and the demonization of feminist activists.

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