Tuesday, 10 February 2015

OUGD505 Studio Brief 01 Product, Range and Distribution Feminism Research

Just through searching and surfing through images and thinking about what the final outcome could be I found this poster. I also found a number of blogs about feminism in graphic design. The poster below entertained be because it covers the theme that I have been searching for (what is feminism) and understanding the stigma around the word. I found subsequently that this is an actual quote from an evangelical preacher!!!

Riot Girl magazine and the girl power/ angry feminist age. The manifesto of the punk age magazine shown in the link above, shines some light on the origin of the concept of the feminazi name and the angry feminist. This could be worth researching further at a later date.

Through searching further I also found this article about personal feminist awakening and the dominant idea that is communicated to me was that feminism means different things to different people and accepting a label is hard and goes against our nature, se we need to shape that label into something that fits us as individuals.

Through this article I found this amazing TED talk on the concept of feminism and defining what it is. This captures everything that has been confusing me so far...

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