Friday, 13 February 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Studio Brief 01 Individual Practice Leeds Arts Part Website Evaluation

Although this website is a continually developing entity I have to put a pin in it somewhere for submissions sake. It hasn't fully come into its own yet because of the lack of content (which will become available closer to the event). However, as a first foray into actual functioning web design I am fairly neutral towards it. There are things that I like and feel work, for example the colour coding of the events and the open structure of the website because it fits so well with the printed content they already have and allow me points on which to draw for later cohesive design. However, I am saddened by the lack of inventiveness. It is a  fine website but, it doesn't do anything new. I doesn't push the boundaries in any way. This is sad because the arts party would be the perfect chance to do something really exciting and new with web design, all in the name of celebrating creativity. In this situation I feel tat I have missed an opportunity. If I had gone out of my way to learn coding ten this could have been a completely different experience. So, if there is anything that I take away from this it is the fact that I need to learn coding to do precisely what I want. However, because of time constraints I didn't sit down and really put my mind to how the boundaries could be stretched in this situation and I am disappointed in myself for not doing that. However, next time I will know to do so!

Please click the image to go to the website.

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