Wednesday, 4 February 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Brief 01 Individual Practice Penguin Book Cover Competition Re-Writing the Brief

The Brief

Jeanette Winterson’s writing is vivid, experimental and imaginative and your cover design should reflect this.
It should appeal to a contemporary, enquiring and literary readership.
This book has been chosen because there are many themes and layers within. Try and reflect this in your design.
Your cover design needs to include all the cover copy as supplied and be designed to the specified design template (B format, 198mm high x 129mm wide, spine 14.5mm wide).


The author name and the title are both immediately recognizable to the target market and as such are crucial elements in the design.
The front-cover quote should help position and place the book for the market.

What the judges are looking for:

We are looking for a striking cover design that is well executed, has an imaginative concept and clearly places the book for its market. While all elements of the jacket need to work together as a cohesive whole, remember that the front cover must be effective on its own and be eye-catching within a crowded bookshop setting. It also needs to be able to work on screen for digital retailers such as Amazon.
The winning design will need to: 
  • have an imaginative concept and original interpretation of the brief 
  • be competently executed with strong use of typography 
  • appeal to a contemporary readership
  • show a good understanding of the marketplace
  • have a point of difference from the many other book covers it is competing against

Read the book and consider the best way to convey the essence of the story and its tone of voice that is visually concise. Use your illustrative skill to do tis and attempt to improve these skills trough this brief. Show an understanding of the books deeper themes in the design and leave the audience guessing slightly so that they want to open the book to find out more. 

Background Considerations:
Wat is the book really about?
How can you translate a written tone of voice into something visual?
How would the book be viewed in a vending situation?
Will the design need to work digitally as well as in a printed capacity?

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