Monday, 9 February 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Leeds Arts Part Website Development

After the meeting we had it was mentioned that a date and place banner would be really useful to have at the top of the website page. I spent some time doodling out the page in general and seeing what would best fit both the space and the established look of the arts party.
I had the idea of some placards like the ones in their main poster, which append to be done by my flat mate, so I got her back in to draw for me.

She produced two different illustrations with a coloured green grass base, so that it could fit into the green line that is already part of the header. It took some time and some playing around to get the right content for the placards. This was especially true when it came to straight out text. The font was the one we decided on for the entire arts party campaign but it felt very empty and stark, which doesn't match the soft hand made feel I have established through a lot of the other work I have done for them.

For the Leeds College of art logo I found that straight text just didn't feel right, once again it didn't communicate the college fast enough and also looked slightly un professional in a digital context. I tried the logo and this seemed to make a lot of difference because of the visual contrast it created with the illustration.

In context they look very different, if anything the date placard looks better in context because of the legibility of the text at this size. I tried this out on the mobile site as well and arranged it so it fit really nicely into the screen as shown below. This has a neatness and almost quaint quality that fits with the positive message of the conference.

However, I was concerned about the legibility of the leeds college of art logo, so I experimented with the proportions slightly and came up with what you can see below. I think this may nee some more work so tat the legibility is absolute. But I am pleased with the concept and am just waiting on feedback from Fran (not the illustrator).

Another new addition to the website is the illustrated social media icons. To start with Fran did them in full colour but I felt that this was too dominant on the page, and although these are important, they are not what we want to be noticed first, there is a lot of information that needs to be communicated first. Visit the website and have a look.

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