Saturday, 7 February 2015

OUGD505 Studio Brief 01 Product, Range and Distribution Further Research Into Feminism

A fascinating talk here which completely summarizes everything I was feeling at this age and partially now to be honest. It highlights a collective confusion over defining feminism and what exactly it is. This links back into the whole concept of the feminazi and the way the word feminism has become something it shouldn't be in many peoples eyes. My favorite line is that 'women are crazy, but not because they are women. People are crazy and women are people.' Defining feminism as a discussion and examination of our social structure, is exactly what people should see it as. Its not perfect and neither are people.

The online magazine that Tavi started seems like a good place to start for more research.

I am not sure how to take this magazine, it is strange to understand, make up tips and fashion trend seem like a slight juxtaposition. However, like was previously said, feminism is a discussion and this is undoubtably part of it. In the end it is all down to tone of voice, If you are simply talking about make up  that's fine, but considering the effect on the reader is imperative, so that they don't feel pressured to wear make up. This brings me to the massive role the media plays in the feminist discussion. And by extension Graphic design as well.

An article that I have been aware of for a while is linked in the image below and discusses some great feminist issues and how to address them through graphic design. Mother London and Elle magazine collaborated on a project to stimulate the 'discussion' talked about above.

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