Thursday, 17 March 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 07 GF Smith Exhibition Research GF Smith Exhibitions

Recently GF Smith went through a re brand and an exhibition to go with it. Because this brief is to create something for the GF Smith archives and an exhibition, I thought it would be worth while to look into this re brand and how they orchestrated the exhibition.

The exhibition they used to introduce colour plane was called Beauty in the Making.

Both the process of paper making and the bright colours it makes possible were the focus of the exhibition pieces. Perspective has been used to its best advantage, the space to circle the paper pallets allowing communication of the bright colour, all the way through the grain. They have played on contrasts, using comparative colour to create a sense that the colours are even brighter. They enhance one another. This has been done brilliantly with one changeable but memorable identity detail, the fold. Through this one fold the comparative colour is allowed to do its job, like a cheeky flash of what is to come, GF Smith have managed to ingrain the sense of the well made along with that of fun and playfulness (the tone of voice of the colour plan paper range).

Because of the huge number of applications that this logo has to have, the communication is all in the details. The light and sharp letter forms again come back to the precise, the well made and crafted. It is on the lower case wider application of the identity that a certain nod of the head to the playfully contemporary is made. This can be seen in the heavier line weight and angled terminals that are throughout the logo font. 

This tone of voice, the mix between the playful and the well crafted is what I am aiming to communicate with my design.

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