Tuesday, 8 March 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 06 Triptych Poster Final Designs

I have loved working on this project. Not only because of the freedom  of the brief but also because of the speed at which it needed to be done. This fast paced working makes me make design decisions without dallying, which I find actually makes the decisions better. I enjoyed playing with the idea of distance legibility and how this came from the context of the piece. Although I intended the secondary layer of type to be less legible at a distance, this could be seen as the weaker part of the design. The issue being that on all reproductions, including photographs, the poster is smaller than in real life, immediately making pat of the type less legible. This is something I perhaps should have considered during the design stage. However, I will include a full scale print of the poster in my submission, so that it can be viewed as intended. I feel that the consideration of the audience in this brief made it really strong. Thinking carefully about the content and how it addresses the people that walk past the poster daily gave the design a structure and purpose that it wouldn't of otherwise had. The choice of words also created structure for the typography. The tone of voice is matched and enhanced by the typography creating a visual and tonal juxtaposition that increases the effectiveness of the design. The colour decisions were dictated by the posters to be put on either side of it. This came from discussions with the designers creating these and  good communication throughout. When looking at the three together it does create a strong sense of togetherness and harmony that none the less allows for the individual styles of the designers at work. If I had a chance to work on this design further there are two things that I would address. One would be the interweaving of the two ;entering styles and how this could be increased to enhance the design. Also because of the two tone nature f the design and its sharp edges, this could work really well as a screen print. 

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