Tuesday, 8 March 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 05 Penguin Book Cover Final Designs Evaluation

This was a relatively speedy one considering the fast approaching submission deadline for the competition. However, This seemed to give the impetus to make decisions more assertively during the development process and meant not getting tired with the design, which often happens over extended briefs. The choice to research the penguin classics designs and use them to inform the design, was a strong one that will hopefully appeal to the judges. Taking note of previous good design and using it to communicate meaning was effective in this case and meant a cohesive finished design. The high contrast colours and the decisive angular font choice makes the book really stand out in a shop context. I would also say that effectively representing the contents of the book has been successful. This comes from time spent re-familurising  with the contents and realising that Caitlyn herself was the selling and defining point of the book. If I had the chance to re do the project I would look into a more hand made aesthetic because that could have represented Caitlyn Moran's wild and unruly personality possibly more effectively. However,  I was aiming for a meeting point between her tone of voice in the book and the penguin classics look, which I have achieved. Something that went particularly well would be my slight editing of the type on the design. I liked the letters of the font I chose but the kerning was ungainly, for once I managed to use very subtle changes to achieve a typographic finish that created the right decisive tone of voice. 

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