Thursday, 17 March 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 07 GF Smith Research into Paper Colour

The colour of colour plan I have been given is Amethyst .

Because the colour is so dark the colours I will be printing with will have to be lighter in order to register on the surface. This could work in terms of screen printing, especially with metallic inks.

In Beauty in the Making, Amethyst was a staple colour. This seems to be because it combines really well with lighter pastel colours. This could work really well in the Colours May Vary context, which I have found very pastel heavy.

When generating ideas for subject matter, of course the crystal formation of the amethyst crystal came up. However, I also want to look at a more playful subject matter. It strikes me that this dark purple is very similar to that of an aubergine. The next step is to generate some thumbnail ideas.

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