Tuesday, 8 March 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 05 Penguin Book Cover Researching the Classics

Because it is clearly stipulate in the brief that this new book cover for 'How To Be A Woman' is needed to show the transition into the penguin classic range, it seemed prudent to research this range and its design.

This range is already incredibly well know as one of social innovation. The simple stock design and limited cheap materials meant that these books provided literature to all classes. This 'accessible to all' central concept perfectly fix with the written tone of voice of how to be a woman. Perhaps it is worth drawing on parts of these design to communicate that alignment to the ideals of the original penguin classics range.

There have been many modern iterations of the designs, because the were and still are so eye catching and consistent whilst also being great design. The banners of colour are used to signify genre and the set text grid allows consistency throughout, with title in bold and author in light forms of the same font. I believe the font is Gill sans which is unashamedly brittish in it aesthetic, appealing to our collective pride and sense of national history.

It will be demonstrating awareness of the penguin classics history if I draw on aspects of these designs. However, it also needs to be a careful balance if the old and the new, bringing the brash gusto of Caitlyn Moran to the design as well.

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