Tuesday, 15 March 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 02 SU Work Part 3 Staff and Student Awards brief

Create a set of three, different but connected certificates, to be awarded as part of the Student and Staff awards.  They need to be producible in a very basic laser printer but also have a sense of something precious and won. They also should connect to the trophies being designed for the awards so there is a sense of continuity throughout the produced merchandise.
The numbers are as follows:
A5 ‘Nominated’ certificates – unknown number until the close of the nominations [each person nominated will receive a certificate]
A4 ‘Shortlisted’ certificates – 21 in total 
A3 ‘Winner’ certificates – 7 in total

Background considerations:
-The cost of printing will have to be low, see if you can find ways to make the certificates seem valuable.
- There has already been promotional material sent out for the awards, what you produce needs to align with this.
-Remember, these are things that people should be proud of winning, make sure they look that way.

-Printed versions of each design.
-Recorded development of project on your design practice blog.

First Thoughts:
I need to make contact with Emma and get the font and colour details for the designs they have already sent out as promotions.
I also need to maintain contact with Helen who is producing the trophies that are the awards for the 7 winners.

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