Thursday, 26 March 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Module Evaluation

OUGD503 Responsive Module Evaluation

Overall this module has been one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. This could predominantly be down to the fact that I have been very lucky with the live briefs that I was able to get. Specifically the work I have done for the Leeds Arts Party. These briefs have been some of the most enlightening, scary and tricky work that I have done to date. I struggled to start with in getting to grips with their image and what they wanted to communicate with their promotional material. But through talking with them and working closely with them with each brief I got closer to the right tone of voice and representation. In this sense I feel this Module has been the right mix of trying briefs that made me work for the right image and those which were more self indulgent and just form me. The two competition briefs were this to me, although the feathr repeat tested my patients. I did really enjoy doing more illustration this module though and I can see a tangible improvement. As well as having outcomes that were completely hand made, I also had outcomes that were submitted completely digitally. This was a strangle new experience for me with the arts party poster and the D and AD brief boards. These outcomes made me consider the viewing limitations of a screen and these restrictions helped me make some of my most creative decisions.
More than anything this module I have really enjoyed working more with other people. The collaborative brief was great and Roz and myself managed to get so much done in such a short amount of time> I have always loved working collaboratively and this experience just re affirmed this. I also got to work closely with the members of the arts party, such as their illustrator, which was also a new experience. Seeing as my role would normally be to do everything, relinquishing control over such a major aspect of the design was difficult. However, through good communication and working in close proximity we produced something that we both liked and had a great experience.
Another skill that has tangibly improved during this module is layout and composition. I normally avoid this as much as possible but these live briefs have pushed me to do it more and I am starting to develop the eye to tell whether text and image are balanced on the page and how to use a grid more effectively to achieve this more balanced look and to create effective communication hierarchies.

One thing that I would very much like to improve if I had the chance to do this module again would be the research. I know that there is a lot less of this than in previous modules. However, there are reasons for each of these. Most of all it would be time. All of the live briefs I was asked to do were last minuet and rushed, so research seemed to get in the way. I would also say that live briefs are more conducive to the kind of research that is simply talking to the client and figuring out what exactly they want. Throughout this brief however I feel I have gained confidence and experience that will aid me in doing more live briefs in the future.

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