Wednesday, 8 April 2015

OUGD505 Studio Brief 01 Product, Range and Distribution Re-Written Brief

The problem I want to address with this brief is that people have this set idea of feminism as a set of man hating beliefs and because of this our generation are throwing away the term. We need the word feminism! In actual fact feminism is gender equality at it ground level and more than anything feminism is a discussion, a conversation starter. Something that wants to liberate and not dictate. People today need to be more informed about feminism but they need to seek it out and define their own feminism or it will be meaningless. 

My research was basically me doing just that. Finding out how I felt about feminism and understanding the movement in greater depth. I want to open up the positive connotations of the word feminist, to free it from the stigma of late. I want to show that feminist is a word that frees and doesn't label. To do this I want to create a campaign that communicates this through typographic means. To do this I will look into creating visual contrasts that can communicate this central idea of liberation that the campaign is about.  I also want to create an online aspect to the campaign. Considering the other projects that I am working on in college and out, I predict tat I will need about 4 weeks from now to do this to a good standard. 

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