Tuesday, 3 March 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Studio Brief 01 Individual Practice Penguin Book Cover Competition Digital Editing and Submission

After scanning the illustration in at 400 dpi the next step was to re work any problems that became apparent.

There were a few issues with the glass of the scanner being dirty which took a while to rectify.

To ensure scale and conformity to the restrictions of the competition the PDF submission template was placed over the illustration. This revealed a few aspects that edged into the bleed of thew document. These were shifted back through simple use of the new layer by copy option.

Because the import into photoshop converted the scan to RGB a conversion back to CMYK had to take place. This reduced the vibrancy of the illustration, s an adjustment layer was applied to rectify this.

Once inside the PDF template the, everything fitted together perfectly. The space allowed for the two vintage labels was ideal.

To evaluate the design in its component parts, as it would be viewed when printed, a mask was applied. This revealed the visual balance of the typographic layout on the back and allowed a much more harmonic design to be achieved.

Once this was completed it was a simple matter on file compression and submission.

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