Sunday, 22 March 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Studio Brief 01 Individual PracticeLeeds Arts Party Digital Posters Evaluation

I learnt a lot from creating this digital poster. because the illustration was 'outsourced' the majority of my thought went into the composition of the piece and the visual balance of all the different components. I am well aware that layout in general is a huge weakness of mine and as such, I tend to keep my distance. This forced me to give it another try. It was hard and it took a lot of criticism before it got to what you can see above but in the end I really learned a lot and have gained the confidence to say that this is something that can be learned and doesn't need to be entirely instinct as it seems to be for everyone else in the class. Scale was an issue that I wrangled with quite a lot with this design. getting the type to be fully legible at this size and the hand held distance form the reader was tricky but enlightening. 

This is one piece of design for the arts party that I feel totally fulfils the brief and did exactly what Fran wanted while still being surprising. It was a very quick, practically no research brief that was fairly rushed. However, it seems the speed at which I did it meant tat I didn't have time to second guess myself which has paid off. I feel that the colour coding of events, as brought across from the website works perfectly in this situation as does the font decided on for all of the arts party material. The hierarchy created through the collective use of scaling orientation and colour intensity ensure that the important information is communicated as quickly as possible. I also think that this kind of finish (hand rendered textures with digitally sharp edges) captures essence of the arts party in a way tat my earlier work has not. I has all the connotations of creativity but somehow the vector edges of the shapes free these connotations from a purely visual arts restraint and open the floor to the concept of creativity in general, which is exactly what was required. The only slightly problem I have with this design is the tracking on the contact information at the bottom of the poster, It is a little too wide to aid legibility. I thought I was making it more legible but after some time away from the design I can see that this is not the case. Or rather it is more legible but not more readable.
It did and is still doing its job well, intact it seems to have become the new banner texture for all our social media, so Fran obviously liked it!

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