Tuesday, 17 March 2015

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice Brief 02 WWF D and AD Creating The Eco Systems

Because of the size of this part of the brief, it seemed prudent to condense the process in some manner. Below is a giff showing the transition from the illustrations to the vector of the desert landscape.

The colour was the major barrier in this process because the decision had been made previously that the background would be created without an outline. This meant that any visuals next to one another had to be different colours. A lot of re working and consulting others on these colour choices had to occur before I was happy with the result. The main thing that was supposed to be conveyed by these colour choices was a happy. Creating a swatch pallet that was then saved onto the joint google drive seemed a great way to achieve continuity throughout the designs, this way Roz could access the colours without having to open the background document. 

In partnership with the sketches I did for the landscapes I also made a map that shows how a player would interact with the landscape through the use of a touch screen. The numbers on the map relate to numbers on the original sketch.

The main problems encountered during this design work was creating a sense of depth in the forest setting. The final solution to this was creating soft leaf like patterns and texture that created the look of layered leaves. Creating the kapok tree routs that feature in the first habitats of the rainforest proved tricky too, but adding slight textures helped here too, helping to differentiate from the setting and the organisms that you can interact with.

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