Saturday, 7 March 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Studio Brief 01 Individual Practice The Arts Party Digital Poster

After designing the digital poster for the arts market I moved on to the general poster. What stood out from the start was the amount of information that had to be communicated in this small space. The natural development from this was a typographic design. Using the bold version of the BP Replay font that is the font for the conference and looked at fitting the events of the conference into the square. Using the colours designated to the events for the website design helped to differentiate the words but there is a certain flatness to the design, it doesn't communicate anything about the conference. 
I started looking at textures that might work to illuminate the creative freedom and positivity that is at the centre of the arts party's beliefs. The powder paint was really just a trial to see if something similar might work. 
The font definitely has enough presence on the page to work with a relatively complex texture and the legibility of each word is pretty good.

However, the texture would have to go within the letters because the logo is designed to go onto white. There needed to be a way to input the colour of the different events to create some continuity throughout the different designed aspects

I got some acrylic paint and created some rough brushed textures that I scanned in. I then created flat colour layers that matched the outline of the brush strokes and the colours of the arts party.
I decided to put the most important details in a flat black so that they are first on the hierarchy and are communicated as effectively as possible. I really like the way this looks but I need to run it past Fran first because I don't know if it has the positive air that fits the positive activism that is what the arts party is about.

I sent this mock up over to Fran for her feedback and she gave some great specific advice. She wanted the hypothetical box that the type is in to line up with the footer and details below and the hyphen in the conversations was said to be distracting. I enacted these changes and a few of my own. I felt that the guest speakers should be the other way around to aid legibility and ensure communication of one of teh most important event of the conference.

As a test of scale and legibility I also viewed the design in a mobile situation (in preparation for instagram) and I think it works really well. The only concern I have is the fact that the brush stroke texture of the letters suggests that the 'arts' in this situation are only the visual arts. Although, there is a slant towards this, there are other events, musical and performance arts as well and I don't want to exclude these. I think the 'guest speakers' work much better in this situation, it reads in order and is quite eye catching, as it should be because we have some great speakers lined up.

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