Friday, 20 March 2015

OUGD505 Design Practice 02 Magazine Workshop Study Task 1

Today we had a workshop from the creator of intern magazine Alec. We were asked to get into groups and come up with a concept for a magazine and then execute the front cover of the first issue.

As a group we started to think about existing magazines and where there might be a gap in the market. An obvious gap was the lack of a sustainability magazine that focussed on a more green life. We filled out the sheet above to help define the specific areas of our idea.

We then split up all of the information into sections for the presentation and created a simple presentation that would act as a backdrop to our elaboration.
We came up with the name and brand with an aim of visual irony. The idea being that we use the word junk to play on the fact that the magazine would be about helping you to use junk to do great things and to celebrate initiatives that are doing the same. We used F37 bella (an overtly glamorous font) to juxtapose with the concept of the word junk. Making the message that junk can be beautiful.

I really loved this workshop and a lot of the magazines that the class came up with were great ideas that could legitimately work. I think this magazine could also work an I know that a few of our group would be open to attempting it perhaps sometime in the future, which would be wonderful!

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