Tuesday, 24 March 2015

OUGD503 Responsive Brief 03 Collaborative Practice Animal Vecotorisation

Roz and I agreed to split the illustration for the game but work together so that we could make the aesthetic cohesive. Because I was doing plants and backdrops Roz went on to do the animals for each ecosystem.
We agreed on a simplistic form that still allowed the animals to be recognisable and easy to vectorise. 

As previously mentioned , in an effort to create depth on screen, a hierarch of outline was decided on with the animals having the largest black outline and the plants having soft colour related outlines and the backgrounds having not outline.

Because some of the animals are smaller than others the outline weight naturally increased. This works well to balance the eye catching quality of the animals, so that the smaller ones can be seen just as easily as the larger.

For more in depth information about the animal development please visit Roz's blog.

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